The Reimagined Basic Website Package.

    Everything you need to set it up the first time.

    Or rebrand & realign to reveal the latest version of yourself


    A complete list-building funnel
    to help you start conversations with your ideal audience.


  • Your website is only 1 piece of the online biz puzzle.

    But it happens to be my favourite piece.

    Because this is where you control the experience, design the space, carefully craft the messages & tell the stories that matter to your clients.

    It’s the not-so-secret clubhouse of your childhood dreams but instead of lemonade you’ve upgraded to lattes & your treehouse has become a virtual space decked with the colours you crave, words that inspire you & the work of you've been called to do.

    It’s your 21st-century salon of innovators, incubators & change-makers. Where you surround yourself with people who not only understand your vision but inspire you to greater heights. Where teaching & being of service go hand-in-hand with learning & being open.

  • Whatever the vision, it’s your corner of the web.

    It should inspire you, light you up, & be an unapologetic expression of everything that you stand for.

    If you've ever built a website you know that setting up your digital space is no guarantee the world will come knocking. And if this is your first one, let me tell you right now it's SO important to have a way to start a conversation with the people who find you.

    Which is why I'm jumping-up-&-down-in-my-seat-excited to introduce my completely reimagined basic website package. It's got everything you'd expect PLUS a complete list-building funnel to help you start a conversation with your ideal audience.


  • Business Growth Depends on Growing Your List

    It starts with offering them a taste of your genius in exchange for their name + email. I love quizzes because they're entertaining, engaging & potentially give you so much info about your ideal audience. But it could also be a workbook, a guide, a checklist, an assessment, digital wallpaper, an audio track...you can definitely get creative here.


    Then we plan all the things you need to write to tell people about it - up to 3 social media posts and a blog post so everyone knows what you've created just for them. We'll write the pages you need to actually deliver it like a squeeze page + thank you page. And for all the beautiful souls who opt-in? We'll start a conversation - a sequence of emails to nurture them & eventually show them all the reasons they should check out your program, services or super cool product. I'll even help you write the welcome email for those who buy!

  • My Brand By Heart website package includes everything you need to set up your website AND start connecting with your ideal audience.

    Because no matter how brilliant, how beautiful, how poetic your site? If it doesn’t start a conversation with your ideal audience….honey, you ain’t in business yet.

  • Your Favourite Must Haves

    1 Homepage

    1 About Page

    1 Work With Me Page/ Sales Page

    1 Contact Page

    1 Tagline

    1 Mouth-Watering Opt-In Statement for Your Blog/Vlog/Podcast/Newsletter

    2 Rounds of Feedback With up to 3 Edited Deliverables

    Detailed Explanations of ALL Your Copy

  • What's NEW!

    1 Creative Name for your signature Product/ Service

    + a short & snappy description

    1 Brand Essence Statement

    (which you can turn into a manifesto, a Homepage, a social media bio & all the things, I’ll show you how. ;)

    1 Brand Personality Assessment

    based on my newly renovated quiz & my amended Heartlines Creative Brief which will determine your signature brand personality & how you can use it to craft messaging that's meaningful, gets the attention of your audience & gives you insight into how you can show up in a way that will resonate with your tribe.

    1 List-Building Funnel

    because you can’t be in business unless you have a way to start a conversation & this is how you do it.
    - 1 Free opt-in (aka lead magnet), email nurture sequence (up to 5 emails leading to the sale), thank you page, social media posts (up to 3), 1 blog post, 1 squeeze page, & 1 follow-up email sequence for those who decide to buy (up to 3 emails).

  • It's still the same price

    $5097 CAD
    (save $3690 from à la carte pricing)

  • One Month

    Read more about the Brand By Heart process here.

  • Brand by Heart is the perfect package for you if

    you’re an online entrepreneur who’s serious about being seen & expressing your soul + personality in every inch of your online presence. If you’re just starting out & building for the first time or you’ve been here a while but you’re looking to refresh what you’ve built & reveal a version of yourself that feels alive & aligned - then this is for you.

  • About

    I'm Jess.

    CEO & Creative Director of Heartlines Copywriting Studio & Best Selling Author of The Power of Personality for Your Small Business

    I believe creativity is your greatest advantage.

    I believe your personality should be reflected in every inch of your brand.
    I believe experimentation is part of being an entrepreneur. Editing is essential. And relationships are everything.

  • Mad Love for Heartlines

    Some praise & props for Heartlines Copywriting Studio

    After working with Jess, I better understood my brand & had a clearer idea of where I was headed.

    Laurie Villarreal

    I often hesitate when choosing a copywriter because I fear I won't like the work & will then have paid for something I don't like. I loved how Jess took the time to understand my brand & my target clients. The branding quiz that we started with incredibly helpful in better understanding my brand & it also helped me to better explain my target audience. After working with Jess, I better understood my brand & had a clearer idea of where I was headed. I'd absolutely recommend Jess to anyone with a business who's in need of a seriously good copywriter. She was a pleasure to work with, on time, & worked very hard to create copy that I loved. I can count on great work & collaboration with Jess. She'll be my go-to copywriter from now on. In the end, her writing was perfect for me & my brand and I loved the final result.

    She took the time to learn my business, my personality & my audience.

    Jen Allison

    Jess was a perfect fit for me. Her attention to detail, professionalism & care for you & your business is apparent from the first interaction. Her process was precise, professional & seamless.
    She walked me through the evolution of the copy to help me understand how she arrived at the final options. I can’t express how much I appreciated her sharing this with me. I felt she really took the time to learn my business, my personality & my audience and because of that & she nailed it! I will definitely be working with Jess again & would highly recommend her multiple times over.

    The right words with the right message for the right audience.

    Marie Hunter

    I had the opportunity to work with Jessica to revamp the copy on various pages of my website. I tried several times to write snappy sales copy to target my specific niche & failed miserably while wasting a lot of time. Jessica helped me craft the right message, with the right words, for the right audience. She truly has a gift for writing copy that captures attention. And in just two short weeks, I was able to revamp my website copy that made me feel confident I was targeting the right people while clearly explaining what I offer. I highly recommend Jessica as a copywriter, especially if you are looking for someone who is quick, professional & has a gift with words.

  • FAQs

    1. What happens next?

    Great question friend! If you think we might be a good fit & this package has everything you need or even if you've got a couple of questions left the first thing we'll do is hop on a call.

    Let's face it, you're not going to hand over this kind of cash to someone you've never met before, am I right? I has to feel good - for both of us. We'll chat all things business & generally get to know one another. You can ask anything you like about me, my business & this particular offer. And I'll do the same. We'll figure out some common ground & let intuition guide us the rest of the way.

    We'll also talk strategy, website, funnels & lead magnets. What you've tried & what you hope to have up & running soon. If it's a big HELL YES! for both of us I'll roll out the red carpet via a welcome email, & you'll choose a start date. We'll officially figure out your brand personality & how to use that to your marketing advantage. You'll also complete my Creative Brief, the doc that gives me ALL the juicy details on who you are & what you do. And never fails to inspire my creative brain to start pumping out ideas + words.

    Then the countdown is on to some fresh, creative, personality driven copy that you & your clients will LOVE.

    2. You're in Canada (in a small town I've never heard of) and I'm not. Can we still work together?

    Absolutely! Yes, I live in a post-card worthy small town with not much happening but at least we've got Wifi! Which means we can communicate through email, phone & Skype. I've worked with entrepreneurs from across Canada, the US, Germany, Australia & Amsterdam. Don't you just love the internet?

    3. Where else can I read your writing?

    You can always check out my blog here on Heartlines. I've also done quite a bit of writing over on Medium. Don't be afraid to send me an email & ask for links to client websites, I'll send you 1/2 a dozen of the latest & hottest!

    4. How do I know if I'm ready to hire a copywriter?

    Excellent question friend! There are two things you absolutely MUST have figured out first. #1 you must know your target market aka exactly WHO your audience is. Who are you selling to? Who are you speaking to? You need total clarity on your people. #2 you must know what you're selling. Whether it's a product or a service you have to have ALL the details figured out. Exactly what it will look like & how it will be delivered & how much it will cost & on from there. That's it. Pretty basic. Know what you're selling in every detail & know who you're selling it to as intimately as possible. Then I can engineer messages that are sure to connect and convert.

    5. We must be friends! Where else can I find you?

    Cool! Well you can always follow me on Twitter @JessMDrury or check out my ​Facebook page if social is your thing.

    6. Want to know more about how it all works?

    Are you a detail oriented person? Cool, check out the Heartlines Process. I'll give you all the details you're dying to know.

    7. Do you do the work yourself or do you outsource?

    You can rest assured that when you hire me I'll do all the work you've contracted me to do myself.

    8. Why did you call your business Heartlines Copywriting Studio?

    Heartlines is partly a personal reminder that it's okay to follow your own heart & not fall into the trap of letting others opinions drown out your voice. And it's partly a nod to the song "Heartlines" by one of my favourite bands Florence & The Machine. Heartlines is a boutique copywriting & brand strategy studio but I like to describe it this way...


    Heartlines, a courageous + fresh copywriting studio is the result of one creative's attempt to infuse every line with soul + personality in the name of unapologetic self-expression, storytelling with connection & intelligence balanced with heart-led intuition. Because in a world where "sales-y" is a death sentence the only answer...is being yourself.

  • Mad Love For Heartlines

    More Praise & Props for Heartlines

    Heartlines provided copy that truly sounded like me.

    April Ebeling

    As a new entrepreneur funds are tight & I'm reluctant to spend money on something I should be able to do myself. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, the website copy sounded very generic & lacked personality...not good when you're trying to make sales online! Heartlines came to my rescue & provided copy that truly sounded like me. Jess was very easy to work with & took the time to learn about my business. She's passionate about what she does & has a natural gift with words. I would highly recommend hiring her so that you sound like the professional you are. Good copy is truly priceless...I like to say that she made my copy sing!

    I felt in very good hands.

    Sabine Biesenberger

    Working with Jessica on some of my sales pages was a great experience. As I’m not a native speaker, writing copy & expressing my thoughts in English using the right words is hard… let alone writing emotional-laden & influential copy for a sales page. From the moment I signed up until the last email exchange I felt in very good hands. She is a true professional. Due to her fantastic & to the point writing style (drizzled with lots of emotions and real life examples) the copy she delivered captures the readers’ attention & stands out. And thanks to the writing & review process she established the copy was written faster than expected (& as the quality was fantastic it didn’t even need a final round of edits!). Thanks Jessica for your great & timely work that gets me results. I highly recommend you as a copywriter!

    I am now moving forward with confidence

    Diana Comberiati

    Before working with Jessica Drury of Heartiness, I felt stuck. I had ideas, but I couldn’t narrow down the exact way to say what I wanted to communicate. I tried a few copywriters but they just gave me a grammatically correct version of the notes I provided. Working with Jessica was completely different. She asked questions. Lots of questions. She spent time getting to know what my business was about and how I wanted to present it to the public. I am now moving forward with my website & sales material with confidence. I wish I had found Jessica before I wasted $100’s on other copywriting. I have already recommended Jessica to clients who want premium content for their websites.


    AT A TIME.